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Halloween Candy Hangover


As Halloween is now behind us, we’re not only feeling a little “hungover” from all the exciting and fun activities yesterday, but we’re now left with buckets full of candy that our kid’s think they are going to eat every last piece of all by themselves. Laugh out loud, right!? Below you’ll find some ideas of what to do with some of your trick or treating candy haul!

  • Take candy to a buy back event
    • Molen Orthodontics is having their annual Candy Buyback event today (November 1, 2019) from 2:30-6:30 PM at their Auburn, Enumclaw and Sumner locations.
    • Ormiston Orthodontics is also doing a Candy Buyback event today (November 1, 2019) from 4-7 PM at their location in Puyallup.
    • Smile Surfers Dentistry is another Candy Buyback event going on today (November 1, 2019) from 2:00 – 4:30 PM at their location in Sumner.
  • Donate it
    • Food Banks- some local food banks will take a certain amount of candy. Here is the contact information for the Puyallup, Sumner, Bonney Lake, Orting & Graham Food Banks if you have more questions.
    • Operation Shoebox – You can mail any heat resistant candy to Operation Shoebox and they will send it to troops overseas. Here is the mailing address.
    • Soldiers Angels– This organization also collects candy for our troops. The Little Gym Puyallup is accepting donations at their location 11/1-11/7 from 9am-7pm.
    • Operation Gratitude collects candy for care packages for public service personnel and their families. Click here for more information and where to send the candy.
    • Homeless Shelters will also sometimes accept donations for candy up to a certain amount. Here is the link to a list of our local homeless shelters if you’d like to find out more.
  • Save it for stocking stuffers, valentines day, Easter baskets or gifts for however long you want to drag it out!
  • Switch Witch! Comes at night and takes the candy and leaves a fun new toy or activity.
  • Make a delicious popcorn, candy cookie bars or bark with it. Together as a Family shared a great recipe for Leftover Halloween Candy Cookie Bars. YUM!
  • Potty training prizes. The dreaded potty training! If you’re anything like me you would give whatever prize under the moon, to get your child to use the potty. Leftover Halloween candy is a good place to start though!
  • Freeze it. Frozen chocolate candy is one of my favorites! I’m not so sure how the sour gummies or fruity candy will freeze though.
  • Use it for Christmas activities. A fun activity to do with your little ones is to create an Advent Calendar or buy one you can use year after year and put little candies and notes in each day of Advent. Another fun Holiday activity is gingerbread houses. You could really make a delicious candy house with all that leftover Halloween candy!
  • Keep some in your purse as bribes for your kids in a pinch. If you don’t bribe your kid with candy, good for you, but if you do, you’ve got incentives for good behavior and listening and whatever else, for a good while!
  • Let your kids practice counting with it. We always like to make stuff educational whenever possible, so let those little ones practice counting with it. Or if they’re a little bit older, maybe they can practice spelling? Or negotiating? Whatever you choose!
  • Last but not least, you can EAT IT! As I’m sure some has already been inhaled by parents everywhere.

If you have any other ideas of how to use leftover Halloween candy, leave a note for us in the comments so everyone can see!

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